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Argireline Spray

#Unfiltered Argireline Spray with Matrixyl and Hyaluronic Acid has been proven in clinical studies to work. It relaxes your face and starts the body’s healing process. The Argireline is a protein that is taken from Botox. Topical application of the spray has shown in clinical studies to inhibit neurotransmitters and relaxed stress areas. To smooth away the appearance of stress lines and wrinkles. It is non-toxic, safe and effective.

Matrixyl is clinically proven to stimulate new collagen and elastin production years after your body has stopped doing it! It stimulates the long dormant collagen and elastin production to the point some had their wrinkles disappear completely!

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance. It replaces what your body naturally loses due to aging and produces immediate results of radiant skin.

Luxurious ingredients hydrate, firm, and leave your skin toned, flawless and so soft that it’s like silk in a bottle for your face and neck! Use twice daily after cleansing.

I have special prices for salons. This is an incredible product for you to add to your facial menu. The product can be applied through the Airbrush on the face and neck on clean exfoliated skin. The firming, plumping and toning ingredients insure immediate age defying results you can see on the first appointment.

This product is amazing and I love it so much! Call for salon prices on the 8 oz. bottles.

Buy 8 oz for $47 – [wp_cart_button name=”Argireline Spray” price=”47″ shipping=”6.45″]
Buy a gallon for $134.99 – [wp_cart_button name=”Argireline Spray” price=”134.99″ shipping=”19.99″]

bronzing rejuvenator
Anti-Aging formula.

Don’t be white, dry and pasty this winter. Rejuvenate your skin with moisture. This moisture rich formula that rivals the finest moisturizers will also add a touch of color to your skin. A nice natural glow.

This product is a must after your spray tans. It will make your tan last 3-4 days longer! Not only will this product take care of your spray tan but it is also part of my age-defying line. It contains Matrixyl and Hyaluronic Acid. It provides all the same magic as you receive in the Argireline Spray (except for the relaxing from the Argireline).  The combination of the Matrixyl and the Hyaluronic Acid turn a lovely natural bronzer into an incredible Age-Defying cream to heal your skin with. If you use a tanning bed to obtain your tan, apply this before you tan and this will serve as a super dark color, that is the ultimate competition bronzer at 45x! Say bye, bye to your stretch marks as it clearly diminishes their appearance.  Miracle results diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Apply twice a day for sunless effect and look naturally young, dark and beautiful. I doubt anyone will argue that we all look a little better with some color. Right? (By the way, this will not turn orange and streaky. Just don’t use  on the heavy thick skin on the feet. Wash your hands after application.) Get your gold, baby! You deserve it! Call for salon pricing on the 8 oz. bottles.

Buy 8 oz For $45 – [wp_cart_button name=”Bronzing Rejuvenator” price=”45″ shipping=”6.45″]
Buy a gallon for $144.99 – [wp_cart_button name=”Bronzing Rejuvenator” price=”144.99″ shipping=”19.99″]

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sculpting and slimming blend
A sculpting and slimming cream to be used by a professional in body wraps. Please call for more information on this product and we will be happy to help you!

Buy It For $45 – [wp_cart_button name=”No 25 Sculpting and Slimming Blend” price=”45″ shipping=”6.45″]





#UNFILTERED NO. 29 – Spray Solution
no 29 moisturizer
Perfect salon tanning solution for everyone. This solutions has moisture lock and it holds in the moisture. Moisturizers are the key to a good tan. This solution comes in 9.5% and 11.5% DHA. Call for price on 11.5%. Green base. Overnight.

Buy A Quart for $34 – [wp_cart_button name=”No 29 Moisturizer Quart” price=”34″ shipping=”8.49″]
Buy A Gallon for $105 – [wp_cart_button name=”No 29 Moisturizer Gallon” price=”105″ shipping=”19.99″]





Deep brown base – 14% – Express! (3 hour develop)  This solution is beautiful on brunettes!

Buy A Quart for $55 – [wp_cart_button name=”No 9 Spray Tan Solution Quart” price=”55″ shipping=”8.49″]
Buy A Gallon  for $200 – [wp_cart_button name=”No 9 Spray Tan Gallon” price=”200″ shipping=”19.99″]



Violet base – 14%.  Gorgeous, long-lasting and dark!  Beautiful on those cool tones. Moisturizing. Overnight.

Buy A Quart for $43 – [wp_cart_button name=”No 5 Spray Tan Quart” price=”43″ shipping=”8.49″]
Buy A Gallon  for $152 – [wp_cart_button name=”No 5 Spray Tan Gallon” price=”152″ shipping=”19.99″]



Golden brown – 12% DHA. Fabulous Express tan! Beautiful golden brown tan that develops as soon as 1 hour!  This is the perfect tan for those times when spur of the moment things happen!

Buy A Quart for $43 – [wp_cart_button name=”No 7 Spray Tan Quart” price=”43″ shipping=”8.49″]
Buy A Gallon  for $152 – [wp_cart_button name=”No 7 Spray Tan Gallon” price=”152″ shipping=”19.99″][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]